Get an indispensable insight into your business with Business Intelligence tailored for the textile industry – a complete solution including a wide range of industry specific analyses and KPIs.

Business Intelligence for Textile

Tailored for the needs of the industry

  • Ready-to-use analyses and KPIs
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Analyse store performance, profitability etc.
  • Compile data from all data sources in the company

“We experience a financial benefit by being able to get a quick overview of budget deviations in all areas of our business, even at product level.”

Mark Jensen, Business Developer, PWT Group
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Overview across all business processes

Short product lifespans and constant market changes force textile companies to make the most of every resource if wanting to survive in this competitive market.

That is a task that requires a thorough overview of all business processes.

With InfoSuite BI for the textile industry you can delve into all aspects of your business and monitor performance, detect trends and much more.

With the solution you can for instance:

  • Follow up on incoming orders in connection with launch of new collections
  • Analyse store performance
  • Estimate the profitability of article groups, collections, individual styles, colors, etc.
  • Compare turnover and orders to the budget and same collection last year
  • Analyse deliveries and get an overview of customer orders and increase of stock
  • Follow up on sales staff performance in relation to turnover, orders etc.
  • Monitor debtors and ensure that credit limits are not exceeded

Data is collected and enriched automatically

InfoSuite collects data automatically from your POS and ERP systems and gathers it in one overall analysis platform. This gives you an infinite number of analysis possibilities and ways to explore your data – converting it into valuable information.

The unique possibility to operate across all time periods also allows for detailed analyses of the development over time.


InfoSuite thus provides you with an indispensable overview enabling you to optimise sales, minimise stock while ensuring inventory availability, control pricing and improve your company’s overall profit performance.

InfoSuite also gives you a unique insight in consumer demand so that order, production and delivery schedules can be aligned to it.

Solutions tailored for your field of application


Keep track of your finances

Combine your business analyses with InfoSuite BI for Finance and get an overview of accounts, balance, P&L statements as well as debtors and creditors

With InfoSuite your financial acounts and analyses are created and updated fast and easy, and you can dive into specific entries and have a closer look at transaction levels and the like.

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Easy budgeting

By combining your BI solution with InfoSuite’s budget module you can enter budgets and forecasts directly into your solution.

With InfoSuite Budget you get a time saving forecasting and budgeting procedure that can be safely allocated to the persons responsible for their part of the business. InfoSuite Budget manages all decomposition and allocation, allowing you to instantly see the consequences of your budget on all levels.

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