Swagelok Distributors

Analyse crucial data across sales, stock and finance – all via a plug-and-play Business Intelligence solution tailored for the Swagelok Distributor industry.

Business Intelligence for Swagelok

The Swagelok BI solution

The Swagelok Business Intelligence solution is founded on the experiences drawn from having worked with several Swagelok Distributors. With InfoSuite as a business partner, you get a partner with a solid background and 25 years of expertise in doing BI.

The solution allows for a fast and reliable implementation in your organisation and before you know it, you will have the optimal overview of your entire business.

We offer a standard integration with your SCALA solution, and if you are running other types of ERP or other systems you would like to combine data from, we have the knowledge and experience with various types of databases. InfoSuite is totally platform independent.

“With InfoSuite I save time and get my overview immediately. I get accurate information in a very fast way, and I can easily dig deeper into any deviation I find and investigate.”

Finn Hoest, Distributor of Swagelok Denmark and Swagelok Russia
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In-depth sales analyses

Examine all aspects of your sales; from the performance of your sales teams and your order situation, to product sales trends, custom solution situation and the purchase behaviour of your customers.

Clear KPIs and flexible time period management makes it easy for you to follow up on trends as well as ensuring that sales targets are met according to the budget. It is easy to change views from current month to rolling 4-quarters in few seconds.

InfoSuite gives you easy access to the information you need to fill in the Distributor Operating Plan (DOP) as well as it makes it easier to follow up on some of your measures in Rewarding and Results.

Overview of your supply chain

Ensure that all supply chain activities are running smoothly through many different available analyses.

You can follow-up on various performance indicators such as consistency in supply, on time delivery, late deliveries, amount per invoice etc.

Furthermore, you can follow up on product performance and get a clear overview of stock quantity – and value, opening/closing stock in a specified period of time, stock turnover rate and cover/critical stock. This allows for better stock optimisation.

Keep track of your finances

Combine your business analyses with InfoSuite BI for Finance and get an overview of accounts, balance, P&L statements as well as debtors and creditors.  Your financial acounts and analyses are created and updated fast and easy, and you can dive into specific entries and have a closer look at transaction levels and the like.

Furtheremore, through the integrated budgeting possibilities you can enter budgets and forecasts directly into your solution.

This means that you will get a time saving forecasting and budgeting procedure that can be safely allocated to the persons responsible for their part of the business. InfoSuite Budget manages all decomposition and allocation, allowing you to instantly see the consequences of your budget on all levels.