BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX

With a predesigned solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, your Business Intelligence project will get a quick, easy, and safe start.

Extensive analytical opportunities

InfoSuite Business Intelligence for AX contains predefined key ratios, analyses and dimensions, based on figures from Microsoft Dynamics AX. This gives you a quick, easy and safe start with reporting and Business Intelligence analyses in all important areas such as sales, purchase, stock, finance or production.

The Dynamics AX solution comes with more than 100 key ratios that can be analysed at almost 100 different dimensions – and with a highly flexible time period management, your analysis options will be unlimited.

Furthermore, you can expand InfoSuite to a real Performance Management solution with modules for budgeting and management of action and activity plans.

Plug-and-play implementation

Predefined extracts, calculations, key ratios, dimensions and analyses make the Business Intelligence implementation faster and safer – and in the end more economical for your company.

Instead of spending time on basic reports and analyses you can focus on the efforts encouraging your company’s strategy and performance.

You get an immediate overview of your business and the most important processes. You can focus on deviations in, as well as developments of, a long number of vital key ratios. You can intervene in time and change any undesirable developments – or generate opportunities for increased business.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about our plug-and-play solution for AX? Then contact one of our local partners for more information. You can also download a free trial and experience InfoSuite Business Intelligence for yourself.