Google Analytics & social media

Analyse the effects of your online activities across your homepage and social media and focus on the efficiency of your webshop and campaigns with InfoSuite Web Analytics.

One total overview of homepage trafic, webshop performance and much more…

Visitors on your website leave large amounts of data that are gathered in Google Analytics, which opens the possibility of exciting and valuable analysis possibilities. However, it can be very difficult and time consuming to analyse data via Google Analytics, and the knowledge that resides in the data rarely makes it out of the marketing department.

With InfoSuite Web Analytics, your homepage data from Google Analytics are extracted to InfoSuite and presented in predefined and clear analyses.

By including your website data in InfoSuite, this also makes it possible for more people within the organisation to have easier access to easily understandable and flexible analyses, thus providing them with an insight into the value of online marketing.

The readymade analyses provide you with a valuable insights into the behaviour of the visitors on your homepage, such as

  • When is your website and webshop mostly visited
  • Where do the visitors come from – Google, campaigns, direct and so on
  • What do they click on, and what do they not click on
  • From which pages do they leave your website
  • How is their purchase process
  • … and much more

Analyse the customer journey and the effects of e-marketing

With InfoSuite Web Analytics you can follow-up on the effects of your total e-marketing on Google Adwords, Affiliates partners, Retargeting/Remarketing partners and e-mail campaigns.

By analysing the customer journey from campaign clicks and to final purchase you will thus be able to meassure which campaign activity is most valuable.

Furthermore, you will be able to optimise your campaign activities on the basis of factual analyses rather than a gut feeling.

InfoSuite Web Analytics

Measure the effects of campaigns and activities on social media

InfoSuite Web Analytics

If your company is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media sites, then it is of course also important to follow up on the efficiency of the time spent on these sites. Data from Google Analytics lets you track whether visitors on your website come from the social media sites, but in order to get the best possible insight it is necessary to gather data directly from the individual social media sites used by your company.

InfoSuite Web Analytics lets you gather data automatically from social media sites so that you will be able to follow up on the number of followers, likes, comments and the like. Furthermore, by allowing you to combine these insights with data from Google Analytics you can make even more detailed analyses regarding the coherence between your website and the company profile on various social media. This also makes it easier to ensure a unified brand expression across these media.

Structuring and cleaning data

Google Analytics data contains a lot valuable insights that are often missed due to inexpedient data from bots and spiders or the like. Even though it is possible to filter a lot of this directly via Google Analytics, many often end up discussing the validity of the data rather than the insights they might provide.

InfoSuites data model makes it possible for you to clense these data so that you will get a clearer and more accurate picture of the traffic on your website.

Combine Web Analytics with ERP data

InfoSuite Web Analytics creates a bridge between your online data and data from your ERP system.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to find correlations between customer behaviour online and realised sales figures and much more

Want to know more?

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