BI for all data sources

InfoSuite is an all-encompassing Business Intelligence solution that can be installed on all kinds of platforms and operating systems, while grasping data from a vast number of data sources. Thus, InfoSuite bridges the gap between all your data and gives you the total overview.

Furthermore, based on our extensive knowledge about data management, we have developed plug-and-play solutions for some of the most common systems in the market such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and IBM Power i.

Data integration

Analyse data from all data sources

InfoSuite can consolidate, combine and analyse data from all kinds of different data sources. This gives you exhaustive data exploration opportunities and one unified and improved basis for decision.

InfoSuite was originally developed for IBM AS/400 and is consequently able to run native on the Power i platform. We therefore have much experience in gathering data from ERP’s such as Aspect 4, Lawson M3 and ASW. You can read more about our solution for IBM Power i here.

Plug-and-play solutions

Based on our knowledge about Microsoft’s ERP solutions, we have developed plug and play solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV – meaning that implementation is made easier, faster and cheaper.

There are no limits to the data sources from which we can extract data. Apart from the mentioned systems above, data can also be gathered from CRM systems, POS systems, telephone systems, SRO systems and many others. It is only your needs and imagination that set the boundaries.

Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV

InfoSuite BI for NAV contains ready-to-use KPI’s, analyses and dimensions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX

InfoSuite BI for AX contains ready-to-use KPI’s, analyses and dimensions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX

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IBM Power i

IBM Power i

Carry out realtime analyses, ad hoc-queries, repporting and much more with InfoSuites unique BI solution for IBM iSeries/AS400

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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Analyse the effects of online activities with InfoSuite Web Analytics, which, among other things, integrates data from Google Analytics and social media.

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Free choice of platform and operating system

InfoSuite can be installed on all sorts of platforms and runs under Windows, Linux, Mac OS as well as IBM i. Therefore, there are no technical boundaries for you to benefit from InfoSuite. It is just a matter of finding the optimal platform by matching IT strategy, the amount of data, the number of users and the requested performance with economy and opportunities.

Hence, InfoSuite can be integrated into your company’s current platform, so that existing resources and expertise can be exploited in a well-known environment.

Want to learn more about the possibilities with InfoSuite BI and how we can gather data from your ERP system? Then contact one of our local partners for more information. You can also download a free trial and experience InfoSuite Business Intelligence for yourself.