SACI implemented InfoSuite BI in order to minimise the use of human resources and to obtain timely and reliable information for senior management.

With a fast growth in recent time, they were in need of a reliable, flexible, yet affordable BI and budgeting solution. ”It’s wonderful to have the information with a click of the mouse and practically in real time”, says Claudia Palma, CFO at SACI.

Case - SACI

Faster decision-making due to BI

“Infosuite allows us to analyse the data of the company through immediate access and compare large volumes of information compiled over several years. The solution provides us with information that is presented graphically as well as easily generated analyses of trends over time in sales, purchasing and inventory. This enables managers to make decisions faster”, says Claudia Palma, Chief Financial Officer.

“To explore information from the general to the particular and vice versa permits us to analyse the data to the desired detail”, Claudia Palma further adds.

Case - SACI

Timely and reliable management information

Before implementing InfoSuite, we were developing customised reports through our ERP. Then we relied on pivot tables to extract information from our database”, says Claudia Palma. “Thefore, we were looking for an affordable BI solution in our company. We needed to have a top management tool that allowed us to obtain timely information to analyse the situation of the company and make immediate decisions”.

“The software has been running great. We have developed sales and purchasing reports and is pending to see stock details and of course the sales budget“, Claudia adds.

SACI expects to set up Accounts Receivable and Financial Indicators in InfoSuite, as well as they plan on expanding the solution with the integrated budgeting module.

About SACI

SACI is importing and selling equipment for the agriculture industry. Among the famous brands are Massey-Fergusson, Jacto, Mazda, Case, Foton, Energizer and Schick. The company was established in 1912 and is now employing 200 people, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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