InfoSuite Business Intelligence

With InfoSuite BI you will be ready for tomorrows challenges and for making decisions at the right time.

You will get the full overview across your business via a very dynamic and functional BI solution.

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Vital management information gathered in one place

InfoSuite Business Intelligence gathers data from the many data sources within your organisation and presents all of the most important management information in dynamic and intelligent dashboards.

You will get a BI solution which merges userfriendly self-service BI with readymade analysis packages and data integrations, which gives you and your colleagues an effective tool for analysing the entire organisational performance across departments, job roles and data sources.

InfoSuite Business Intelligence

  • Is used daily by several thousand users
  • Is a versatile Self-service BI solution which offers full control and maximum flexibility
  • Offers best practice management reports based on thorough industry knowledge
  • Has a readymade integration for several data sources such as Dynamics AX and NAV and Google Analytics
  • Integrates reporting with budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management
  • Provides our customers with significant competitive advantages through increased knowledge about their business
  • Has 29 years of experience in developing solutions in collaboration with our customers
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Business critical information is visualised effectively through many different KPI- and chart possibilities. Color coding, smileys and the like makes it easy to get an overview of the performance and, from there, drill further down and investigate.
In InfoSuite, information acess is handled via a flexible authorisation system which means that the individual user only has acess to the analyses, key figures and dashboards that are important to them.
With InfoSuite you can create a clear connection between key figures and executable actions by linking descriptive activity plans and comments directly to the individual analyses and reports.
Flexible tabulation options lets you structure, group and understand your data in every possible way in your analyses
The full overview of your business is obtained through InfoSuite’s dashboards, which makes it possible to compile charts, tables and key figures in one image. the individual parts may analysed into depth individually while still being naturally connected to the rest of the analyses via periods and dimensions.
Automatic distribution of reports, mobile BI, embedment possibilities of analyses in other programs as well as other clever features makes it easy to distribute information internally and externally.
InfoSuite offers a highly flexible period management setup. Analyses can be made based on any point in time and can be freely compared to another period – you can change the period anytime you want to by the click of a mouse and indipendently from the analyses.
Infosuite BI is highly user friendly; through a matter of a few clicks you can twist and turn the analysis anyway you want – not matter if you want the grand overview or if you want to look into the details.

Dynamic data model

The establishment of a dynamic Business Intelligence solution requires a proper basis, a data model, which is dynamic and scaleable. InfoSuite offers a readymade and flexible structure for data management, which opens up to great business value as well as it makes it easier to cover the analysis needs following the developments of the organisation.

InfoSuite can consolidate and combine data from all data sources in your organisation, and offers plug-and-play integration to Dynamics AX and NAV, among others. Click here to learn more about our data integration.

BI is more than just software

When implementing Business Intelligence, it is important to remember than you are not just implementing a piece of software. For an investment in Business Intelligence to be really valuable to your business, then it is important to choose a vendor who knows your industry and who is capable of providing you with the right sparring and counseling.

At InfoSuite we have 27 years of experience in implementing many different types of BI solutions for very diverse organisations – and we will definitely be able to help your organisation too.

Solutions tailored to your applicational needs

  • “InfoSuite allows us us to make the optimum sales.”

    Sales followup

  • “InfoSuite has given us the overview of our total inventories.”

    Stock Management

  • “InfoSuite is also used actively in the service business in relation to invoicing.”

    Project Management

Do you wish to know more?

Do you wish to know more about the possibilities with InfoSuite Business Intelligence as well as the value it can create for your organisation, then contact one of our local partners for more information.