Intelligent forecasting is your key to operationel excellence and a healthy business. InfoSuite makes it easy to create valuable and far-sighted forecasts.


Use knowledge from BI for forecasting

Accurate demand forecasts will help you align your operations to meet customer orders, avoiding lost sales, and being able to plan future capacity in terms of purchasing, production and stock levels.

All of this is money. The more accurate your forecast, the better you can align resources, and thus, make more money on cost savings. However, having the right goods at the right product mix at the right time for the customer demand is even more important and valuable.

With an integrated Business Intelligence and planning tool like InfoSuite, you can make better, knowledge based forecasts. Not only on a high level, but at any relevant level.

Satisfied customers

Applying InfoSuite for forecasting will enable you to answer questions such as:

  • When do we need to increase or decrease stock and production?
  • When and how much do we need to purchase to meet future demands?
  • Do we see a trend towards new products? In which market segments?
  • Are there hidden opportunities with customers that can be predicted?
  • Can we meet challenges in declining customer demand in due time?

Combining analytics with forecasting, thus, helps you maintain optimal inventory levels, prevent stock outs, improve long-term planning, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction being able to deliver the right goods at the right time.

Intelligent forecasts without any hassle

InfoSuite gives you the tool to do intelligent forecasts. InfoSuite will enable you to focus on markets, customer groups, customers and products that are most important to your business and let the less important be calculated based on parameters. These specific entities can be forecasted in detail, based on analytic knowledge and precise plans for marketing campaigns, new product releases etc.

You can thus perform high level predictions and forecasts, combined with specific detailed planning. InfoSuite will do the rest for you. Plans and preconditions for your forecasts can be documented for later referral, and the resulting forecast is instantly available for comparison against actual figures on all levels and time periods in your reporting and analyses.

With the ability to define rolling forecasts, you can make sure that you are always as close as possible to the most accurate forecast.


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