With InfoSuite Budget you get a unique budgeting, forecasting and planning tool that can be integrated into your Business Intelligence solution.


Easy and time-saving budgeting

With InfoSuite Budget you get a time saving forecasting and budgeting procedure that can be safely allocated to the persons responsible for their part of the business. InfoSuite Budget creates draft budgets based on your parameters and you adapt the budget to the levels and areas of relevance—with minimal typing.

InfoSuite Budget manages the technique of decomposition and allocation, allowing you to instantly see the consequences of the budget on all levels. In that way you can budget in a whole new way – without large and complex speadsheets, difficult consolidation and manual entries and updates – which makes budgeting much faster and easier.

In the video to the right you can see a short introduction to the many possibilities and advantages you get with InfoSuite Budget.

Decentralised entry with less errors

One of the major advantages of InfoSuite Budget is that the budget entry is decentralised to the budget owner, and consolidation is completely automated. Numbers may be entered on top level and distributed automatically downwards, or the individual employee may enter a budget for their specific area, which is then automatically turned into a total budget for the entire organisation.

Budgeting is therefore made much easier and more clear – meaning that the focus is on the numbers, rather than the task of consolidation.

In InfoSuite Budget, you can include historical numbers, such as statistical data, and compare these to actual numbers accross time. During budget entry, budget suggestions can also be setup based on your historical data. Relations between dimensions and periods are used to ease the budget entry significantly.

Support features ease your budgeting

During budget entry, support features such as calculators, rest-budgeting and distribution keys are useful tools for easing the task. Locks and log features as well as summations help making the budget entry flexible whilst providing great freedom of detail and ensuring maintained overview.

Budget entry takes place in a draft defined and setup for your specific needs. It is possible to make use of authorisation control and text notes for budget entry, meaning that you can ensure that each individual employee only has access to specific parts of the budget as well as you can follow-up on the preconditions for the different budgets via the notes.

With InfoSuite Budget, budgeting is made easy whilst minimising sources of errors.

Budgeting and forecasting in all areas

InfoSuite Budget can be used for budgeting in all areas. For instance, it can be used for sales budgeting with decentralised entry or financial and cost budgeting on account groups or on account level – all with allocation based on history or allocation formulas, or direct entry on a monthly basis. Other relevant business areas include purchase, stock, manufacturing etc.

Another possibility is to use InfoSuite Budget for forecasting, e.g. to make accurate demand forecasts. Read more about forecasting in InfoSuite here.

Additionally, you can also use InfoSuite Budget for defining activity goals in connection with Performance Management initiatives.


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