Stock management

Poor stock management may be the source of major expenses. With InfoSuite you will get the overview it takes to ensure that the stock is optimised, so that inventory levels are minimised while also decreasing the risk of facing empty shelves when the need is largest.

Business Intelligence for stock

Overview of all stock KPIs

  • Ready-to-use analyses and KPIs
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Analyse stock movements, cover and much more
  • Compile data from all data sources in the company
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Optimise your stock

With InfoSuite BI for Stock, you can analyse items and item groups from many different angles and ensure that you have the right inventory level. Apart from a detailed insight into the stock value, you can also get a clear overview of the items’ rate of turnover, critical stock as well as the number of days that the current stock will cover for a given demand.

Likewise, it is possible to get an insight into how many items are in order, and thus, get the full overview of all stock movements within a given period defined by you.

Discover deviations in time

All analyses can be set up as you wish, and it is possible to utilise visual KPI’s that make it easy to follow up on possible deviations. You decide whether you want to analyse your stock in numbers or in value, and the flexible time period management makes it easy to get the total overview.

The BI solution is independent on data source, meaning that you can integrate data from all sorts of IT systems. Furthermore, the stock solution is offered as part of a total logistics solution, which makes it possible to combine your stock analyses with procurement and sales analyses for a much wider view of your business.

Want to know more?

For a deeper look into the solution and how your company can benefit from it please contact one of our local partners. You can also download a free trial and experience InfoSuite Business Intelligence for yourself.