Sales management

Spend your time on winning customers and growing your business – and let InfoSuite be the solution that gives you the needed overview of your sales- and ordre situation.

Business Intelligence for sales

Overview of the entire sales process

  • Ready-to-use analyses and KPIs
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Perform analyses all the way down to item level
  • Compile data from all data sources in the company
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“The system not only supports the sales job of the salesman towards the customer, but also the customer’s sale towards the shoppers in the store. InfoSuite simply allows us to make the optimum sales.”

Carsten Pedersen, Sales Manager, Haribo
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In-depth sales analyses

It takes an efficient and highly-skilled sales force to stay ahead of the competitors. That makes the sales staff amongst the most important assets of your company. But in order to stay efficient, you need information and overview – that is easily accessible at all times, valid and always updated.

I the video on the right, you will be able to see a few of the many analyses and KPIs that are included in InfoSuites BI solution for sales management.

Examine all aspects of your sales

InfoSuite Business Intelligence for Sales, gives you the needed overview and insight. The solution comes with a range of predefined analyses and KPIs tailored for Sales, so that you can monitor all important aspects of your sales.

It enables you to examine your sales results and efforts from many different angles such as per product, customer group, sales district, sales team and individual sales person. In that way you can easily keep track of your performance in all areas. And with only one click, you can drill down to explore the reasons lying behind.

Via clear KPIs and a flexible period management you can also easily follow up on trends as well as ensuring that sales targets are met according to your budget.

It all depends on satisfied customers

The BI solution for Sales also comes with analyses and KPIs that enable you to control your order book and the flow of orders. Among other things, you can monitor the number of invoices, delivery times, delivery consistency, returns and credit notes – all with the customer’s best interest in focus. Furthermore, you can easily keep track of the customers and products that are most profitable to your business – and those that are not!

InfoSuite Business Intelligence for Sales is data source independent meaning that it can integrate data from all kinds of IT systems. Therefore it serves as your total overview that makes you stay ahead.

The solution is offered as a part of our Logistics solution that enables you to combine your sales analyses with stock and procurement analyses.

Want to know more?

For a deeper look into the solution and how your company can benefit from it please contact one of our local partners. You can also download a free trial and experience InfoSuite Business Intelligence for yourself.