Procurement management

Managing and controlling suppliers is the key to quality and cost efficiency. InfoSuite Business Intelligence for Procurement gives you the necessary insight.

Business Intelligence for procurement

Analyse the entire procurement process

  • Ready-to-use analyses and KPIs
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Analyse the stock as well as supplier performance
  • Compile data from all data sources in the company
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“InfoSuite allows us to make dynamic measurements of the security of supply. That gives us the opportunity to follow up on a daily basis – with up-to-date figures”

Flemming Bisbjerg, Financial Manager, Fredericia Furniture
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Analyses and KPIs ready to use

The solution comes with a number of predefined analyses and KPIs that enable you to monitor all important aspects of your procurement and supply chain management process. Ready-to-use analyses include:

  • Goods ordered and goods supplied
  • Open orders and late deliveries
  • Delivery time and consistency of supply
  • Cost prices – actual and estimated
  • Creditor balances etc.

Supplier relationship management

Do you have the complete overview of the quality and consistency of your suppliers and sub-suppliers or do you merely rely on hunches and intuitions?

With InfoSuite BI for Procurement you can easily keep track of all your suppliers, creating a vital basis for optimisations and efficiency improvements.

Maximize the value of your supplier relationships through the insight provided by InfoSuite Business Intelligence for Procurement. With the analyses and KPIs contained in the solution you can, thus, easily compare and keep track of the performance of your suppliers, which can be used for supplier negotiations and as a basis for investing in the most rewarding and profitable relations.

The total overview regardless of data source

InfoSuite BI for procurement is data source independent meaning that it can integrate data from all kinds of IT systems. Therefore it serves as your total overview that gives you a head start within procurement.

The solution is offered as a part of our Logistics solution that enables you to combine your procurement analyses with sales and stock analyses.

Want to know more?

For a deeper look into the solution and how your company can benefit from it please contact one of our local partners. You can also download a free trial and experience InfoSuite Business Intelligence for yourself.