Marketing management

Collect data across marketing channels and gain a valuable insight into the effect of your company’s marketing activities.

Business Intelligence for marketing

Measure the effect of your marketing

  • Ready-to-use analyses and KPIs
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Analyse search words, clicks, conversion etc.
  • Compile data from all data sources in the company

Analyse the efficiency of e-marketing

With InfoSuite you can analyse the effect of your total e-marketing on Google AdWords, Affiliate partners, Retargeting/Remarketing partners and e-mail campaigns in one tool.

By analysing the customer journey from campaign click to the final purchase or conversion, you can now measure the campaign activity with the highest payback. You will also be able to optimise your campaign activities based on actual analyses, not on gut feelings. You will also have access to customer preferences, search words, click tendency etc. that will help you define the online contents resulting in the best conversion.

Overview across all marketing channels

InfoSuite automatically retrieves data from the most important company data sources which gives you a unique opportunity to compare data from Google Analytics, Facebook and the like to data from the other company business systems and thus achieve a new and profound insight into the business.

Combining data from online marketing to data from sales, telemarketing, CRM etc., will allow you to make valuable target group analyses prior to coming campaigns.

Prove the effect of marketing efforts

With InfoSuite the rest of the organisation can now also access data from the marketing department. By making marketing data accessible in a shared analysis platform, information about the effect of marketing efforts can now easily be distributed to your colleagues.

Want to know more?

For a deeper look into the solution and how your company can benefit from it please contact one of our local partners.