Management information

Management information is about ensuring that decision makers can make the right decisions based on facts rather than gut feelings. InfoSuite ensures the right distribution of information to the management in your organisation.

Management information

Easy access to management information

  • Overview of the entire business
  • Ingenious and intuitive dashboards
  • Turn and pivot analyses as suitable
  • Create coherence from KPI’s to executable actions
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“InfoSuite sends automatically selected performance metrics to the management team on a daily basis”

Finn Høst, distributor for Swagelok Denmark Read the whole case

Datadriven management information

The amount of accessible and valuable data is steadily increasing. Many companies want to convert this data into data driven management information.

InfoSuite Business Intelligence is a versatile analysis tool, which also includes budgeting and planning tools. Hereby, we guarantee you and your colleagues the most up-to-date management information.

Irrespective of the data source, InfoSuite retrieves, enriches and prepares all relevant data from your company in intuitive dashboards. This provides you with the best possible management information.

Efficient distribution of reports

Let InfoSuite distribute your management reports easily and automatically to the right persons by email. It is very simple to distribute information to the right employees or other external interested parties. Hereby, you obtain the perfect background for optimum knowledge sharing. As an extra bonus, you reduce cost and time for periodic preparation of reports massively.

You can attach alerts to the management reports, so that information automatically is distributed in case of deviations in the company data. This helps to ensure optimum management information.

Spreadsheets and management information

In many organisations, spreadsheets function as a shortcut to management information. Spreadsheets are useful in many cases. There are, however, some limitations to spreadsheets and you may not find them suitable as your primary company tool for business insight and management information.

Spreadsheet users may recognize some of the seven issues listed in this article. If you do, maybe it is time to consider a BI solution to replace the spreadsheets?

Management information at Haribo

InfoSuite saves us a lot of time. Earlier, we spent hours to collect spreadsheets with reports for the management. Now, the same reports are accessible in InfoSuite and they are always up to date. We avoid a lot of trouble with SQL and query extracts. ” IT Manager at Haribo, Anders Bloch, explains how InfoSuite has become a central tool at the Danish candy manufacturer. Read the whole case.