About us

InfoSuite A/S is the Danish consultancy and software company behind InfoSuite Business Intelligence. One of the most well thought out and user-friendly solutions in the market – in all modesty.

We have 29 years of experience with Business Intelligence and budgeting – but our expertise goes much further.

About us

29 years with BI & Budgeting

InfoSuite A/S was established in 1989 by the present owners with the purpose of creating insight and overview for organisations of all types. We are headquartered in Herning, Denmark and also have an office in Kiev, Ukriane. Furthermore we have several partners throughout the world including; Germany, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Turkey Bolivia and Brazil.

Our dedicated employees are the nerve centre of our company. Contrary to other Business Intelligence companies we have our own team of highly-skilled consultants, who can guide you in all matters.

With their many years of experience and their solid business understanding they serve as your personal discussion partner and they always find the best solution based on your individual needs.

Customers in many different industries

InfoSuite is used by many companies worldwide in many different industries, such as wholesale, retail, manufacturing, service, consultancy and utility. This gives us thousands of satisfied users and a great industry specific knowledge, which is incorporated into the product and our many industry solutions.

Our customers describe us as competent, professional, down-to-earth and trustworthy. We are proud of that and we do our very best to comply with it in all that we do. You can read more about our satisfied customers here.